Does the soul age? And what can be done about it?

October 27, 2023

Aging is one of the greatest challenges we face in life. Even though we're well aware of the issues that come with aging, we often act as if they don't apply to us personally. Typically, our perceptions of aging are tied to the physical. Yet, from a psychiatrist's perspective, it's the soul that truly defines us as humans. However, since it's hard to imagine a soul, beautiful or otherwise, without a body, Prof. Aldenhoff will discuss the key aspects of medical age prevention. As he will demonstrate, these aspects are easier to embrace when we keep the soul in mind.

Prof. Aldenhoff was born in Dresden in 1948, grew up in Munich, and after attending a classical humanistic high school, he studied medicine. He later specialized in psychiatry, psychotherapy, and neurobiology. Until 2012, he held the chair of psychiatry at the University of Kiel. He has authored several notable books and provides therapy for individuals with emotional challenges.

Some of his books include: "Bin ich psycho - oder geht das von alleine weg?" (C. Bertelsmann 2014), "Bin ich schon alt oder wird das wieder?" (C. Bertelsmann 2018), and "Mensch Mann! Was ist los in Männerseelen?" (Herder 2021).


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