Ein Kind mit Schwimmflügeln und Schwimmnudel in einem Whirlpool im Family Spa des Bachmair Weissach Spa & Resort


Relaxation for the whole Family: Ease into Well Being.

Lean back and relax while your little kids romp around the pool. The kids pool with a pleasant temperature of 28 degrees is situated right next to the indoor pool and perfectly visible from the lounge area.



The spacious swimming pool is equipped with various massage and bubble jets and has a fine water temperature of 28 degrees. You can enjoy a wonderful view of the garden when you take your leaps in the 15 m long pool. Next to the swimming pool, our guests can relax on the comfortable loungers.


You can float here even in winter: The year round heated whirlpool (36 degrees) in the Bachmair Weissach Spa & Resort Park with a  wonderful view of the surrounding mountains at the Tegernsee.


In the Family Spa you can relax in a soothing bio-sauna that is heated to 65 degrees. Enjoy the vitalising effect of a sauna stay with your family. 
Easing into the quiet here and now is part of the sauna experience. In the Family Spa you will find this tranquillity in the corresponding swiss pine relaxation space. The particularly fragrant swiss stone pine is said to have a soothing and sleep promoting effect.