Onsen - in Japanese bathing culture: a cleansing on a mental, spiritual and physical level in a hot (in the SPA 42° C) bath. A ritual to release and relieve, which induces clarity and lightness. The warmth conveys a feeling of safety and closeness to oneself.

The human being has a deeply rooted subconscious connection to water. Maybe originated by the knowledge that there is no life without water. Water has always been there. Water, is a primordial substance, without which life on earth would never have come into being. The human body consists, depending on age, of an average of 60-65% water and 71% of the earth is covered with water.

Everyone has a relationship to water. Many people love the feeling of lightness and refreshment when swimming, whether in the sea, lake or a swimming pool. Especially at times filled with stress and uncertainty, from the moment you immerse into the water, you dip into a kind of peace, a sense of just being with yourself - away from all the noise outside, just in the water and in silence.


When I want to relax, I wish myself to the shores of water. I sit by the sea or the lakefront and marvel at the dance of the waves. I let my gaze wander into the distance, experience a humbleness before nature, and my thoughts start to flow lightly. Water indulges the senses and brings us back to ourselves: a true "moment of bliss".

Korbinan Kohler