Sustainable towards the future

A conscious and sustainable lifestyle is at the center of my personal thinking and I naturally place this demand in particular on my hotels, apartments and the edutainment experience world Tegernsee Phantastisch.

Thus, at Spa & Resort Bachmair Weissach, the term sustainability is coined in a comprehensive sense and lived on all levels. We are particularly concerned with ecological, social and economic responsibility, which we implement in the following areas:

Natural green spaces
Natural and smart building equipment
Producers from the surrounding area and regional products
Energy generation
Waste prevention
Sustainability team


Your Korbinian Kohler


Actions and goals

Our goal is to be CO₂-neutral in 2023.


Our measures



The hotel features 18 charging stations and fully electric shuttle and rental vehicles.

Other mobility offerings:

Free bike rental and walking sticks.
E-bikes and scooters 

Garden with its own stream:

Natural and original design of the garden as well as the mill stream that runs through our garden and its own pump fed by water from the stream.
 Natural and smart building design:

Sustainable and resource-saving building equipment in all areas - as well as the use of natural raw materials in the rooms, sanitary and the entire outdoor facilities.

 Producers from the surrounding area and regional products:

Through the own herb garden, the use of organic products and seasonal foods to a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes, sustainability is also implemented in the culinary arts. 

Energy production:

From the investment in an energy-saving wood chip heating system as an alternative to gas supply, to the hotel's own electricity production with a combined heat and power plant - the waste heat is used for water heating, rounded off by the photovoltaic systems on the Hotel Bussi Baby and the Bachmair See-Apartments.

Waste avoidance:

We contribute to waste avoidance through digitalization, a sophisticated waste separation system and by minimizing waste for disposal.

The Sustainability Team: 

Our environmental officers from all areas of the Bachmair Weissach carry out regular consumption checks of the individual areas and to use energy saving potentials. Optimization of processes for environmental protection, sustainable management and reduction of CO₂ emissions.

ISO certified:

Processes for sustainable action are clearly defined 
Systematic training of employees for sustainable action
Sustainable and responsible corporate governance
Development of efficiency measures in corporate ecology.

GreenSign sustainability seal

GreenSign certification Hotel BACHMAIR WEISSACH: received on 28th August 2022.

In Germany, GreenSign is the market leader as a sustainability certification for hotels. However, it has also established itself internationally with now over 270 certified hotels in 15 countries.
Only GreenSign includes the CO₂ footprint for hotels in addition to certification.

Current investments:

We are creating a photovoltaic system on the roof of the arena
with a size of 1,630 sqm = 163 kWp. At the same time, additional photovoltaic modules will be installed on the hotel roofs.  

Furthermore we invest in a heat pump with a capacity of 120 KW.