This winter semester, the Korbinians-Kolleg on questions of our time will address issues and questions that we are happy to leave to others, as long as we are not affected ourselves, or whose answers we expect from women and men who are supposed to know (who is to be saved - how to continue economically after Corona). Behind these difficult but vital questions are other questions. These questions, however, usually seem to us too difficult, too remote and theoretical or answered long ago (what is true - what is valid - how does truth initiate - what is its significance in politics).

We should not deceive ourselves. Some questions are closely related to others, and the answers are only convincing if they are all discussed and properly answered. The Korbinians-Kolleg wants to find out what answers there are to those questions.

Korbinians Kolleg 2020/21

Unfortunately, the Korbinians Kolleg had to be canceled in winter 2020/21 due to corona.

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