Yoga is an excellent way to harmonize body, mind and spirit and to increase overall well-being. Through the various asanas (yoga postures) and breathing exercises, yoga improves the flexibility, strength and endurance of the body. At the same time, it promotes relaxation and helps to reduce stress.

Yoga is thus a perfect part of the Spa & Resort Bachmair Weissach wellness program as it offers not only physical but also mental benefits. The meditation and mindfulness practices included in many yoga classes can help quiet the mind and increase awareness of one's body.

In addition, yoga can help relieve certain ailments such as back pain and headaches. It can also improve sleep and boost the immune system.

Enjoy this soothing break.


Yoga Retreat with Steph Jaksch

5 nights in a premium double room

Included in the >Yoga Retreat<

- Yoga-Sessions
- 3/4-Luxury Board

from €1,818 per person

from €2,396 for 2 people

Minimum number of participants: 5


Cultivate the art of relaxation with our daily yoga classes.

These are also open to external guests.



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