Disinhibited times

November 18, 2022

Disinhibited times - why we lose control and what we can do about it

As a neurologist and psychotherapist, Dr. In her daily practice, Melzer examines the effects of increasing global, social and individual drive disinhibition. They show up in the form of compulsive and addictive behavior, brutalization, fear and an increasing lack of stability and excess, especially in the areas of sexuality, nutrition, consumption and entertainment. Her clinical observations over many years coincide with the latest findings in neuroscience, which blame an increasing metabolic disorder in the brain. In the foreground is an imbalance between inhibitory cognitive and controlling structures of the cerebrum, which are losing influence and disinhibiting older brain structures in which drives, emotions and short-term rewards are organized and which are gaining influence through ever-increasing reward stimuli. In the long term, there is a dysregulation in the neurotransmitter balance, which permanently changes the analogue experience, thinking, feeling and being. The reward stimuli come as tempting "amuse-gueule" morsels and a promise of quick, and near-effortless instinctual gratification and entertainment in "default mode." Unfortunately, over time they fragment our attention, cloud our conscious thinking, readjust our feelings and influence our will and ability. As a result, more and more weak-willed long-term consumers are maturing who can no longer control their urges. A treat for the beneficiaries and winners of this development, who control, manipulate and ultimately monetize consumer behavior over the lifetime, consumption and data roads, no matter what the cost.

Dr medical Heike Melzer, MPH (born 1965) is a specialist in neurology and psychotherapy with a practice specializing in couple and sex therapy in Munich. She is the author of the book "Sharp Positioning - The New Sexual Revolution", a sought-after interview partner and lecturer in hypnosis and sex therapy at various institutes. The title of the article is the title of a book of the same name that will be published this fall.


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