Kleine Nische mit Tisch und Stühlen
Garderobenhaken im Bachmair Weissach Spa & Resort
Dekorative Details Gasthof zur Weissach

As early as 1834 the Weissachmühle was built and managed on our premises by the Bachmair family. Since the mill was very centrally located, directly at the crossing of the ring road around the Tegernsee, and also on the way to the nearby Tyrol, the Achensee, the need for guest rooms and gastronomic facilities became apparent.

In the mid-90s, partly due to increasing demand, the entire property was redesigned and transformed into a luxurious senior residence with an integrated hotel room and apartment wing. The property was sold by the Bachmair descendants and acquired by the Peters family from Waldkraiburg.

In 1997 the reconstruction was started, the whole complex in its present form was inaugurated in July 1999 as "Parkresidenz Bachmair-Weissach”.

After a further reorientation, the hotel was operated as a hotel park residence under various hotel chains from 2003 onwards.

Korbinian Kohler established a connection to the inn already in the 80's when his father invited important business partners of the Büttenpapierfabrik to dinner and the Kohler boys ramaped around in the snow in the garden of the restaurant.

So in August 2010 he seized the opportunity to purchase the property and take it to old heights and beyond in culinary and hospitable ways.


On November 9,  2013, the BACHMAIR WEISSACH ARENA, the largest event location in the Bavarian Alps, was opened. It spreads out over 2,700 square metres and offers space for events for up to 1,100 people.  
Korbinian Kohler renovated the spacious event arena to the highest quality standards: It now has an elegant interior with high quality Stiftl parquet flooring and the latest state-of-the-art event technology. "Quality is the most important criterion for me. This is not only evident in my hotel, but now also in the new BACHMAIR WEISSCAH ARENA," Kohler explains. His aim is to make his home, the Tegernsee Valley, also known and attractive as a conference destination far beyond the borders of Bavaria. "It couldn't be better, because on the one hand we are in the most beautiful region of Germany. And on the other hand we are perfectly equipped for any kind of event in terms of capacity and quality," Kohler continues. In the hotel alone, his conference capacity comprises 11 event rooms.

In 2015 Korbinian Kohler opened the first Japanese restaurant, the MIZU SUSHI Bar in the Tegernsee Valley, as a counterpoint to the exuberant Bavarian way of life, inspred by his knowledge of and passion for the Japanese way of life. The interior design is inspired by his many trips to Japan, but at the same time he does not lose sight of his home in Tegernsee. Thus Far Eastern culture and Bavarian way of life fuse into an uniquely beautiful experience. 

The MIZU ONSEN SPA opened in July 2017. The MIZU ONSEN SPA is Germany's first Japan inspired SPA. Here the guests experience the unique fusion of Japanese bathing culture, regional water worlds and the philosophically motivated idea of a new kind of self awareness. Inspired by Japan's hot springs, the Onsen, tempered water plays a significant role. Japanese elements, such as cedar wood in a filigree pattern combined with natural materials from the Alpine region, create a uniquely cosy and elegant atmosphere. Korbinian Kohler deliberately avoided superlatives of fashionable SPA worlds within his exceptional concept, the focus here is on health, well being and reflection, in the reduced to its essence simplicity of beauty.

2022 is all about private living with the BACHMAIR WEISSACH SEE-APARTMENTS. Guests of the "See-Apartments" experience their Tegernsee holiday right in the middle of it all, yet all to themselves. The eleven suites in four sizes are part of the SPA & RESORT BACHMAIR WEISSACH, but give guests an individual feeling of being at home while travelling.

Another highlight follows in 2022: the opening of the multimedia world TEGERNSEE PHANTASTISCH. TEGERNSEE PHANTASTISCH is an edutainment world - an indoor attraction with two completely different worlds of games and entertainment. Everything here revolves around Lake Tegernsee. It's about tradition, landscape, environment, energy and sport, art and education. The focus is on knowledge transfer, games and sports.