A healthy body and mind cannot be taken for granted, in the current situation this has become seriously and impressively apparent. We own an essential asset, our health, which we want and need to care for and protect.

At Spa & Resort Bachmair Weissach it lies at our heart to support you in taking care of yourself.


In the Bodyscan you get a detailed overview of your muscle and fat mass, as well as information on your water balance. The Bodyscan procedure also provides information on whether you are eating enough protein to reach your fitness goals.


Book your appointment at our spa and learn how to support your body in the best possible way.

Price 60 € | 10 min


A firm body are often considered the ideal of beauty for both women and men. Achieving this means discipline. A balanced diet in combination with strength and endurance sports, fat burning and patience are necessary to achieve the desired goal. Due to different physical conditions, lack of time or age, the desire for a harmoniously defined body is made more difficult. If, despite intensive training, the desired body contouring effect fails and the body does not shape itself as hoped, we offer you an innovative, highly effective and non-invasive solution.


CM Slim

20,000 sit ups in 30 minutes

Here is the solution: The Spa & Resort Bachmair Weissach offers an innovative and highly effective method of body contouring:

without exhausting training sessions, it initiates significant muscle build and reduces fat on the belly and buttocks in equal measure.


Price 300 € | 30 min

From the 5th treatment 200 € 30 min


The new generation of cryolipolysis.

Excess body fat not only affects our external appearance and athletic abilities, but it also means an increased risk of disease. For many people, being slim and having an aesthetic body shape is the ideal of beauty.

CelsiaShape® is the revolution in problem zone treatment and a completely new procedure of instrument based treatment for body shape problems and the reduction of unwanted fat deposits. The CelsiaShape® method is an innovative further development of the successful Cryolipolysis | Coolsculpting.



During the treatment, specially developed CelsiaShape® pads, which ergonomically adapt to the skin areas to be treated, are applied and fixed in place. The pads expose the target area to a controlled temperature, which ensures optimal results with maximum safety.

The structure and shape of the flexible pads makes it possible to treat areas of the body that are difficult to access in other procedures.

The CelsiaShape® treatment lasts about 40 minutes. It is pain free, does not cause bruising and does not interfere with your daily routine.

Price 300 € | 50 min


Lymphosis is a compression therapy in which specific body tissues are specifically put under pressure. Similar to a massage, superficial microcirculation and venous circulation are stimulated. This significantly improves the drainage of fluids and fat, and prevents congestion. In this way, lymphosis effectively contributes to detoxification of the whole organism, improves oxygen supply and general condition of tissues. Not only varicose veins but also skin sagging and cellulite are combated. Lymphatic therapy helps you to strengthen your circulatory and immune system, as well as to counteract stress, insomnia and nervousness. Pregnant women in particular experience an above-average improvement in their general condition as a result of lymphosis if they suffer from heavy legs.



30 MIN. - 58 €



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