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Take some time for yourself and complete your stay at MIZU ONSEN SPA with a wellness treatment for your skin or a soothing massage. Our SPA team will be happy to advise you on our various cosmetic treatments, such as a classic facial treatment and massages.


Cosmetics, manicures & pedicures, wellness



4 Elements


In deceleration, mindfulness unfolds. In conscious deceleration, in silence and the easing into the here and now, the sense of oneself is spirited.


Warmth evokes a sense of reassurance, well being and closeness. Rooted deep in our genetic memory, warmth symbolises safety and the origin of new energy. Metabolic activity, vitality, physical strength and vital energy are ignited. The sense of basic trust in life is kindled.


A retreat is a path from the outer to the inner world. Reflection appears in dipping deep. The sense of the essential is kindled. Sensing yourself, being well with what is and sourcing fresh alignment.


Purification is a precious ritual in all cultures that affects the mind and body. Rituals of purification, detoxing and ease further lightness and clarity. Inspiration is released to flow free and open us for a clear outlook.

Dr. Barbara Sturm

As a specialist in aesthetic, non-surgical anti-aging treatments, Dr. Barbara Sturm is not only known and in demand in Germany. Get to know their products here in the SPA & RESORT BACHMAIR WEISSACH.



Our SPA team is happy to help you with any questions or reservation requests:
onsen(at)bachmair-weissach.com or phone +49 (0) 8022/278-440

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