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Our recommendations for you.

For the wide range of all our beauty treatments, have a look at our SPA BROCHURE.


`` Insight`` - Vista: Professional Skin Analysis

The high-tech skin analysis system Visia is the basis for your care program. An exclusive screening of the facial skin allows current snapshots of your skin and tissue condition. The objective measurement results are the basis for your individual care concept. Clear insights for a targeted result!

Skin analysis with Visia is included with every facial treatment of your choice! You can also book the skin analysis as a separate individual service incl. consultation.

25 min. – € 38.00


Individual Facial Treatment

Your personal wish – »KIBÔ« in Japanese – the focus of every treatment. An individual care ritual that accompanies your skin step by step to beauty and a fresh look. After a gentle cleansing and peeling, your skin will be treated according to your needs. Your inner beauty will be visible from in-and outside!

In this care treatment, you can select between products from SUSANNE KAUFMANN or GERTRAUD GRUBER, each in two intensity levels.

You decide:

  • Reassurance – relaxation
  • Moisture – supply
  • Clarification – cleaning
  • Construction – energization  


 50 min. – € 98.00                                                                                                                                                 

included facial skin surface analysis, cleansing, peeling, active ingredient serum, massage of the face, neck and décolleté, facial mask, hand massage and final care.

 80 min. – € 148.00                                                                                                                                              

 included facial skin surface analysis, cleansing, peeling, eyebrow shaping, active ingredient serum, extensive face, neck and décolleté massage, special face mask, hand or foot massage and final care.


Exclusive Facial Treatment

Silky Skin Facial Treatment for Ultimate

Ultimate reduction of aging signs, refinement, vitality, elasticity and a more even appearance.

90 min. – € 170,00 

For Energizing

An intensification of energy, more vitality, luminosity, firmness.

90 min. – € 160,00    

For Lifting and Firming

Firmer contours and a fresher appearance.

90 min. – € 160,00   

For Wrinkle Care

Reduction of visible aging signs, firmness, elasticity and intensive smoothing.

90 min. – € 140,00   

For Purifying

Deep-acting, nourishing cleansing, smooth appearance.

90 min. – € 140,00   

The treatment time of 90 min. Includes:

Each of the exclusive facials starts with the SENSAI double cleansing including a scrub. The use of warm compresses cleanses the skin deeply and prepares it ideally for the following products. A 25-minute massage including shiatsu intensively activates the lymphatic flow, the microcirculation and the energy flow of the skin. The neck massage completes the treatment. Optimal care experiences are guaranteed by skin-care products, including masks for the face and décolleté. While the mask is working, a relaxing hand and arm massage awaits you. Finally, you can relax with a unique SENSAI silk powder massage.


`` Radiance`` Jetpeel - Facial Special Application

As natural as air and water! The innovative skin rejuvenation system JETPEEL utilizes aerospace technology and is one of the most modern dermacosmetic skin treatments worldwide. Microscopic nozzles are used to inject highly effective serums, such as hyaluron, gently into the skin. JetPeel rejuvenates your skin in a short time!

JETPEEL results:

Visible reduction of skin wrinkles, immediate freshness and younger skin, rapid long-term effect with few applications, deep cleansing of the skin, calming of sensitive, irritated skin, for the awareness of redness, sensitivity and couperose, treatment of pigmentary disorders and scars, for dehydrated and demanding skin, maximum care structure of the skin for ladies and gentlemen.


special applications:

50 min. – € 180,00

3 treatments 60 min. – € 490,00 

Luxury treatment – € 250,00 

Décolleté – € 110,00 


`` River`` - Special Detox Treatment - Susanne Kaufmann

Everything flows! A special treatment with manual lymphatic drainage. The facial contours seem tight and firm. A gentle massage helps to reduce the swelling of the eyelids and removes minor blemishes.

The treatment time of 50 min. includes:

Facial skin surface analysis, cleansing, peeling, intensive cosmetic lymphatic drainage, active ingredient serum, eye care and a final day care.

50 min. – € 98,00 


`` Youth`` - Intensive Natural Anti-Aging Treatment - Susanne Kaufmann

The profound care of your skin for a fresh appearance is the goal of this treatment! Highly concentrated active ingredients, a fascia short massage and a special lifting mask ensure an immediate streamlining effect.

The treatment time of 80 min. includes:

Skin type analysis, cleansing, peeling, supported by a neck or head massage, intensive power agent with a fascia short massage, lifting mask, hand mask and massage, anti-aging finishing care.

80 min. – € 148,00 


Individual Facial Treatment For The Man

A package for the special needs of men’s skin. The first step: a cleansing and a gentle peeling. Afterwards a relaxing massage and a rich care that soothes irritations and moisturizes the skin. The result: noticeably powerful skin and vitality!

The 50-minute facial treatment for the man by SUSANNE KAUFMANN stimulates skin regeneration through the natural cell protection factor Ectoin and thus has a strong anti-aging function. The treatment also includes a face pack as well as a hand and foot massage.

The 50 min. Treatment of GERTRAUD GRUBER is perfect for the needs of men’s skin. An activating massage technique of head-neck and shoulder releases the stress. There is a revitalizing care at the end.

50 min. – € 98,00


`` Hands`` - Spa Manicure

Our professional SPA manicure is a great treatment for your hands. A hand bath and a peeling refresh and prepare the skin and nails for the treatment. The hand-massage all over the elbows is good for the blood circulation and has a stimulating effect. Finally, we paint your fingernails. A care touching concept!

50 min. – € 78,00 

plus painting the nails – € 18,00 


`` Feet`` - Spa Pedicure

Just like walking on clouds! A refreshing treatment for your feet that starts with a foot bath and a stimulating scrub. We shape your nails and treat the cuticle and cornea and polish your toenails. We massage your feet and calves extensively and on request we paint your nails at the end. For a fresh and well-manicured appearance!

50 min. – € 78,00 


`` Freizeit`` - Holiday Manicure & Pedicure

Together we are strong! A combination of cosmetic manicure and pedicure, care from “hand to toe”. For hands and feet a quick great holiday program: shaping the nails, treating the cuticle and cornea (pedicure), polishing the nails, finishing care for hands and feet.

85 min. – € 118,00 

plus painting the nails – € 18,00 



Sensai Silky Body Treatment

Intensive care and deep moisturizing of the skin, elasticity, smoothing, firming, vitality. This massage, which uses a special oil, activates the microcirculation and energy flow of the skin. The muscles are relaxed, Shiatsu points are stimulated and provide relaxation. At the end the skin is cleansed with warm compresses and creamed with SENSAI BODY FIRMING EMULSION.

80 min. – € 148,00 

Body Treatment Susanne Kaufmann

This massage stimulates the tissue to eliminate harmful substances. The blood circulation is promoted and the skin surface gently smoothed. A special treatment that treats the tissue through a special massage. You will feel tight and young.

50 min. – € 108,00 


We recommend the booking in advance by e-mail or telephone before your arrival at our SPA reception.

If you have any questions, our SPA team is at your disposal or

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