Frau übt eine Yogaposition aus

Yoga is a popular method to harmonize body and mind by practising movement in differnt body postures (Asanas). In addition to the asanas, a yoga class usually includes breathing exercises, deep relaxation and meditation. The aim is to bring body and mind into harmony, to ease stress and tension and sustain a calming effect.

At the SPA & RESORT BACHMAIR WEISSACH we offer a daily yoga lesson with our expert yoga teachers as part of our sports and activity programme.

How about a retreat at the Tegernsee and a break from everyday stress? How about a weekend where you can fully immerse with yourself, recover and regenerate? In addition to wellness, fine, delicious food and a good night's sleep, regular yoga classes are on the agenda and all of this at our beautiful Tegernsee. We offer numerous yoga specials with a variety of excellent  teachers.




Complete your recreational holiday with a relaxing yoga session in our Yoga Lounge. We offer  one yoga lesson a day with our expert yoga teachers.

The yoga sessionss take place from:
Mondays to Saturdays
6 pm to 7 pm
10.30 am to 11.30 am

Yoga sessions are free of charge for our hotel guests.

We are also happy to welcome external guests to our Yoga Lounge.
The cost for external guests is 35 € per person.


Yoga Retreat with Zsuzsanna Villanyi PDF Download
Yoga Retreat with Zsuzsanna Villanyi

5 Nights

from €2.749

Yoga Retreat with Zsuzsanna Villanyi

13.-18.03.2022 | 03.-08.04.2022 | 08.-13.05.2022


Yoga Retreat with Gabriela Bozic PDF Download
Yoga Retreat with Gabriela Bozic

2 Nights

from €1.330

Yoga Retreat with Gabriela Bozic



Yoga-Retreat with Nadja Palmers and Manfred Gauper PDF Download
Yoga-Retreat with Nadja Palmers and Manfred Gauper

5 nights

from €2.749

Yoga-Retreat with Nadja Palmers and Manfred Gauper



Yoga-Retreat with Steph Jaksch PDF Download
Yoga-Retreat with Steph Jaksch

5 Nights

from €2.749

Yoga-Retreat with Steph Jaksch





    Gabriela Bozic is one of the most popular and well-known yoga teachers worldwide. She is internationally known for her dynamic and passionate way of teaching yoga as an inner transformation technique and for her lively, warm and humorous teaching style. The yoga icon can be found at retreats, workshops, yoga festivals, and yoga conferences.

    Gabriela Bozic studied linguistics and teaches Sanskrit and Mantra recitations in an exciting and inspiring way. As one of the first advanced certified Jivamukti teachers, she is co-founder of the Jivamukti Yoga Center in Munich and has been part of the international Jivamukti teacher training team with Sharon Gannon and David Life since 2005.



    On the way to finding a holistic, healthy, spiritual practice, Sabina Walderdorff started practicing yoga intensively in 1996. The fundamental effect of the interplay of body, alignment, movement, breath and mind has inspired her ever since. To share this experience with others, she completed a yoga teacher training in 2011. In her classes, she places emphasis on moving from clear alignment into the flow of movement, breath and energy, always in mindful attention with oneself, realising unnecessary tension, respecting boundaries, letting go and maybe surpassing these devotionally. In the now- with joy! Lessons in German or English.


    Steph from Berlin completed her first teacher training in 2003, followed by many more trainings with fantastic international teachers at Jivamukti Yoga NYC. In 2005 she was certified as an "Advanced Teacher".

    Steph combines the interplay of softness and dynamics in her personality and in her teaching perfectly. When you get to know her in her classes, you see her completely in her element: motivating, positive and in a good mood - always at your side to support you or move you deeper in a pose.

    Her many experiences during her model career and yoga travels to Australia, New York, Bali and Mexico have taught some human lesson as well as great spaciousness and curiosity. There is always only one moment that matters, the here and now. Her beautifully vast  philanthropy made her an institution as a yoga teacher, in a city where people come and go.


    Nadja Palmers has been teaching for fifteen years in numerous yoga studios in Munich.
    Her focus is on the fluent interaction of the asanas (postures), whereby emphasis is placed on alignment as well as on the joy of movement. Through this connection the mind comes to rest and the body is re-energised. In this way we come back to ourselves more and feel at home.


    15 years ago Zsuzsanna Villanyi started practising yoga because she sometimes felt shaken by her distinct Hungarian temperament. She was surprised to see how yog seemed to teach her in a moving way not to identify too much with her emotions. She is enthusiast about yoga, in her daily practice she always senses the unity of how similar we humans are and how much more connected we really than separate.

    When teaching, Zsuzsana's qualities and talents come into their own: her attention, her empathy, her passion for bodywork. She always enjoys sharing her joie de vivre and experiences with others, sparking her student’s enthusiasm on their way.

    Zsuzsanna was born in Budapest and grew up in Munich. There she first studied sociology. She completed the Jivamukti Teacher Training in 2007 and has been teaching in Munich and elsewhere since then. In 2014 Zsuzsanna took the next step and received the Advanced Certification. Since then she has been mentoring prospective yoga teachers.

    With her love for yoga and teaching, Zsuzsanna creates an atmosphere of good humour, joy and serenity during this retreat, in which powerful Jivamukti yoga with all its essential components - movement, breathing exercises and meditation - is practiced. With professional competence, conscientiousness and calmness it opens a space for a deep yogic introspection.

    Mit Liebe zum Yoga und zum Unterrichten schafft Zsuzsanna bei diesem Retreat eine Atmosphäre der guten Laune, Freude und Gelassenheit, in der kraftvolles Jivamuktiyoga mit allen seinen wesentlichen Bestandteilen – Bewegung, Atemübungen und Meditation – geübt wird. Sie öffnet mit Fachkompetenz, Gewissenhaftigkeit und Ruhe einen Raum für eine tiefe yogische Innenschau.

  • Andrea & André Danke

    André Danke

    Born in Bielefeld, after graduating from high school, he went to Munich, where he completed his community service and communications studies at the Bavarian Academy for Advertising and Marketing. He worked in classical management consulting as well as in the media and licensing industry at Warner Bros. He first came into contact with yoga on a lonely island in the North Pacific, off the west coast of Canada. There he met his first yoga teacher, who taught him classical Hatha Yoga. His career as a model and advertising actor allowed him to commute between this island and Miami for several years before settling in New York. There he studied at Kundalini Yoga East to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher. For over 10 years he has been teaching yoga workshops and retreats in Munich, allover Germany and Europe. André teaches yoga students how to find their strengths and highest consciousness. André lives with his wife Andrea Danke near Munich and gives Kundalini workshops and retreats at home and abroad.


    Andrea Danke

    While studying psychology and business administration in Los Angeles, Andrea discovered yoga shortly after September 11, 2001. Half a year later she started her first Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Erika Faith Calig, the founder of the Cloud Nine Yoga School in L.A. Here she was encouraged to get to know as many different yoga teachers, studios and directions as possible. Eventually she found her way to Golden Bridge and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, one of the most internationally known Kundalini Yoga teachers, where she completed her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles in 2006.

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