At the award “Die 101 besten Hotels”

With great gratitude and pride, on May 5th 2024, Korbinian Kohler accepted the award for Spa & Resort Bachmair Weissach as the 'Luxury Family Resort of the Year' at the prestigious 'Die 101 besten Hotels: Switzerland, Austria, South Tyrol, and Germany 2024' ceremony in Zurich.

The Spa & Resort Bachmair Weissach was already honoured as 'Luxury Family Resort of the Year' among the top 101 hotels in Germany in 2023. The award 'Luxury Family Resort of the Year 2024' and also 10th place in the overall ranking at 'Die 101 besten Hotels: Switzerland, Austria, South Tyrol, and Germany' marks the next significant step for the Spa & Resort Bachmair Weissach on an international level.

Luxury Family Resort of the Year and 10th place at ‘Die 101 besten Hotels: Switzerland, Austria, South Tyrol and Germany 2024’

„We accept this award with great gratitude and pride“, says hotel owner and 'Hotelier of the year 2023', Korbinian Kohler.

Experience Lake Tegernsee holistically

It is not only aesthetics and multi-generational offers that define the resort, but also a deep sense of philosophy and art as well as the opportunity to experience Lake Tegernsee holistically - through the large number of own restaurants and branches around Lake Tegernsee and on the Wallberg.

The name Bachmair Weissach has long been synonymous with more than just a traditional five-star hotel on Lake Tegernsee. Today, Bachmair Weissach is the essence of the Tegernsee valley. In each of its hotels, whether on the lake or on the mountain, the Bachmair Weissach Spa & Resort allows its guests to experience Lake Tegernsee in ever new ways. The Bachmair Weissach holiday world is as diverse as the valley and the interests of its visitors - and always at the highest level, without limiting itself to one location, as is usually the case.

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Photo credit: Michael Tinneberg