Who should be saved first?

Who should be saved first? Tragic rescue conflicts in the Covid 19 pandemic

The still unresolved pandemic has triggered a fierce ethical controversy. The keyword is triage, a procedure that was already used in the First World War to rescue seriously injured people.

Although we are not talking about seriously wounded people now, similar questions arise: who should benefit first from the scarce medical resources available to save lives, the elderly with pre-existing conditions or the younger ones who have been healthy so far? Not all age groups are equally at risk, but all have the same right to be helped. This is an ethical dilemma.

Prof. Dr. Bettina Schöne-Seifert

Professor Bettina Schöne-Seifert has been Director of the Institute for Ethics, History and Theory of Medicine in the Medical Faculty of the Westphalian Wilhelm University of Münster since 2003. As a philosopher and physician, she has published numerous research results on fundamental problems of philosophy and medical ethics, including freedom of will, enhancement and the foundations of medical ethics.

She was a member of the National and then German Ethics Council in Berlin for nine years. She is a member of many commissions, among others for demographic change. She is co-founder of the Academy for Ethics in Medicine.


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