We, the Bachmair Weissach establishments want to express our solidarity. Solidarity with the people who have suffered from Corona, especially the victims and their families. We also want to thank and show solidarity to everyone who cared for Corona patients in our health system. Solidarity with everyone who suffered under the Lockdown policy. We are particularly concerned about our children and young people here.

We are grateful for the solidarity that prevailed in our Bachmair Weissach family during this difficult time. We want to express our thanks to our guests and all our business partners for their solidarity.

It is time to look ahead, embrace life and draw our lessons from this challenging experience.

Therefore, we are launching the BACHMAIR WEISSACH fundraising campaign, with which we will donate one euro for every overnight stay of a guest in one of our establishments this year for young victims of the lockdown policy. Many of our children and young people have severe psychological problems, large gaps in their education or must cope with the consequences of abuse.

We will decide and announce which organisations these will be within the next few weeks.

Our goal is to donate the amount of:


100.000 EURO


to be raised.

We are grateful and happy for any additional support for this cause.


Korbinian Kohler




With your donation you support our project.

Simply use your banking app and scan the attached QR code.

Or transfer your donation amount to the following account.



IBAN: DE50 7115 2570 0012 4369 11


Help for victims of the lockdown policy