Mitarbeiter an der Rezeption im Bachmair Weissach Spa & Resort
Housekeeping Dame beim Bettenmachen in einem Zimmer des Bachmair Weissach Spa & Resort
Koch sortiert Kräuter
Mann schaut aus dem Fenster im Mizu Onsen Spa Bereich


The SPA & RESORT BACHMAIR WEISSACH fuses subtle luxury and contemporary elegance with a large splash of Bavarian warmheartedness,with the variety of a grand hotel and the intimacy of a boutique hotel. In our resort tradition and modern style complement each other from the comfort of the rooms to the relaxation in the SPA and the culinary pleasure in our restaurants.

The SPA & RESORT BACHMAIR WEISSACH is located south of Munich, approx. 45 minutes by car, close to the shore of Lake Tegernsee. The Tegernsee lake and the surrounding mountains not only offer numerous sports and leisure activities, not only for our guests.

Our idyllic Mountain Lodge Hotel Altes Wallberghaus, Berghotel Altes Wallberghaus, with a fantastic view of the Tegernsee valley is situated on the Wallberg, Tegernsee's local mountain. The amazing panorama and the untouched nature is not only a pleasure to enjoy ba our guests but alsom by our employees.. 

Since June 2018, we have a novel, fun addition to our company: The Hotel Bussi Baby in the  neighbouring Bad Wiessee. Bussi Baby is Bavaria - urban feeling, comfort, tradition and warmheartedness. Completely renovated, the rooms are very stylishly furnished.



Ambience, employees and performance make us and our actions unique and create moments of joy. People come first. The mutual interaction with guests, employees, customers, neighbours and partners is always kind, dignified and respectful. Problems are solved in a spirit of partnership, fairness and respect. Every employee is committed to the Bachmair Weissach and has prospects for personal and professional development. Proud, committed, interested and life-affirming employees work in the Hotel Bachmair Weissach.

The Bachmair Weissach as an employer recognizes, uses and promotes the individual talents of its employees. WE are a team. WE are Bachmair Weissach. Crossing the boundaries of routine for our guests, is a matter of the heart. Through innovative, first-class services and above-average commitment, we secure our future for the company and for our employees. We secure our lead and our future through sustainable management. It is our endeavour to solve all complaints promptly and to use them as an opportunity to connect our guests even more closely to the company.


We welcome our new employees and offer a 2 weeks crosstraining at the SPA & RESORT BACHMAIR WEISSACH. This special training program takes place right at the beginning as well as a guided tour of the house. The six-monthly employee development interviews offer the opportunity to reflect on oneself and take advantage of opportunities for further development.


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All vacancies you will find here: HOTELCAREER.

A Training Place with Future Prospects

Start an apprenticeship in one of the most exciting industries in the world and lay the perfect foundation for your career with us.

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Salary and Bonuses

In addition to the monthly training salary, we encourage and reward good performance in training. For this purpose we have developed a system with which you can significantly increase your salary through good grades. With an average of 8 grades, an ePremium of between €2,400 and €3,600 can be achieved per training year, depending on the grade level.

The SPA & RESORT BACHMAIR WEISSACH will in future be home to the best trainees and students in the industry.

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Our Human Ressources Team is happy to answer questions and give advice at T +49 (0) 8022/278-552 or

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