Being human in the 21st century - is that still possible?

November 24, 2023

It seems that the speed of technological progress, the societal change and the global change has never been greater than today. Humanity is facing new tests.

The lecture explores the question of whether it is still possible to be human in the 21st century and what factors shape and threaten this humanity.

Current developments, from digitalisation to globalisation, to ethics in technology, business and science will be highlighted and discussed, how individual and collective responsibility play a key role in preserving the value of our lives.

The lecture invites us to reflect on the future of our humanity in an increasingly world and explore ways to preserve it.

After training as a publishing bookseller at S. Fischer Verlag and studying business administration at LMU Munich, Christiane zu Salm began a successful career in the global media industry. From 2001 to 2004, she taught media theory as a visiting professor at the University of the Arts in Berlin.

In 2005, she left the industry and trained as a volunteer hospice worker, accompanying people on their final journey for over 10 years. She documented what she learned from the dying in her Spiegel bestseller, "This Person Was Me – Obituaries on One's Own Life." In 2016, she purchased Nicolai Verlag, a publishing house founded in Berlin in 1713, and published books on enlightenment topics for the 21st century.

Christiane zu Salm's thoughts and actions are increasingly guided by the question of what truly matters for a fulfilling life, not just in hindsight.


From 5.30 pm | Admission and Get-Together

6.30 pm -6.40 pm | Welcome by Korbinian Kohler

6.40 pm – 7 pm | Introduction by Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Vossenkuhl

7 pm – 7.45 pm | Keynote Speech by Guest Speaker

7.45 pm – 8.15 pm | Discussion

8.30 pm - midnight | Exclusive Gala Dinner

Until 8:15 pm, hotel guests and external visitors can attend the lecture for free, provided they register 24 hours in advance, subject to availability and upon request.

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Maximum Number of Participants: 20 Guests

The speaker, Professor Vossenkuhl and Korbinian Kohler will be present.